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Integrated Marketing Services – Video Door Phone Dealer Kozhikode to avoid Theft & Burglaries

October 21, 2013

As a Well Experienced Dealer and Supplier in Video Door Phone Systems in Kerala, at Kozhikode, Cochin, We are dealing with different Types of Video Door Phones, in Which Multi directional Display Video Door Phones plays a very Important Role. A Multi Directional Video Door Phone System can view Front View, Top View, Side Views of a Person who is entering into your Video Door Phone Range. By using this Video Conference System, You can view the number of Persons entering into your Office Premises or the Entrance of your Home Door by sitting at inner Portion of Your Office Room or Home Building.

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Video Door Phone Supplier in Kozhikode  can use a System for Preventing Theft and Burglaries through a Combined Intrusion Alarm System and a Burglar Alarm System. Video Door Phone Supplier is an Effective Communication System Supplier through Home Video Door Phone System and Wireless Video Phone Communication System in Kozhikode City. As a best Video Door Phone Supplier & Dealer in Kozhikode City, Integrated Marketing Services have Electronic Video Door Phones, Intrusion Alarm Video Door Phones, Single Bell Video Door Phones, and Child Bell Video Door Phones etc.

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Video Door Phones are a Perfect Safety Mechanism for Children whose Parents are going Outside for Work. As a Video Door Phone Supplier all over Kozhikode City, The Video Door Phone System at Kozhikode City Consists of a Smart Camera, with State of Art Solution which comprises an Indoor Unit with a Monitor and an Outdoor Unit with an in built Micro Phone and Camera to identify and Make Conversation with the Visitor.

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Video Door Phone System at Kozhikode City Consists of Electronic Door Lock with an Outdoor Panel with Entrance Door Gate Way which Contribute with Different Elements like Live Images getting inside Your Home near to Your Land Phone where You are getting a Call from Outside Standing Person in front of Your House or Office and Making a Call to You to meet You in Person. Video Door Entry Systems are commonly integrated with Various Access Control Systems. That Means the Video Door Phone Systems at Kozhikode City are installed in the Same Outdoor Panel. The Commonly used Video Door Phones Access Control Elements are Proximity Cards, Fingerprint Readers and Hid Security Card Readers and More. Video Door Phone Systems Makes Your Home Safe from Burglars and Thief with the Help of Electronic Door Phone which will Enable You to View and Speak with the Person Standing and Waiting in front of Your Building or House for Direct Communication with You.

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The Single Bell Color Video Door Phones are with High performance 1/3” SONY CCD Camera. It is a very highly Effective Security Solution for Residential Apartments, Building, Housing Complexes, Villas and Bungalows. Audio Video Door Access Systems are combined with electronic, Video Entry and Entry Control Systems. This type of Single Bell Color Video Door Phone System will do Visitor Recording Automatically in your absence if you push the set button once. The Video Door Phone Camera with IR or Night Illumination facility provides Clear Images even during night Times. Video Door Phone System makes it Possible the Conversation with the Visitor from within the Comfort and Security of the Home or Office without having to open the Door. Video Door Phone System is a Secret Monitoring System inside from your Home.

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